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Web Group Consulting

Meet the Owner

Bill Francis

Web Group Consulting was a name established as a potential business back in 2000.  My career, after nine years in the Navy, started with ValPak, MediaOne, and Informix Software as a web engineer and database consultant.  During this time, I was on the cutting edge of the internet boom and saw the potential of a future consulting business of my own.


From then until now, I have led software development, architected enterprise solutions, stood up business and process architecture disciplines, and established Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities within the financial services industry.


BizViewPro® was inspired after a life event motivated me to leverage the experience I gained over the years to design and develop a simple, low cost, scalable BPM platform.  I’m confident that this product will jumpstart your journey to understand, transform, and optimize your business.

Web Group Consulting LLC
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