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Structuring Business for an Unstructured World

Our flagship product, BizViewPro®, provides a simple, low cost, scalable Business Process Management (BPM) platform leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics 365 framework.

Our Mission

Revolutionize the way businesses understand, transform, and optimize operations to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Get Your Company on the Path to Success

Understand. Transform. Optimize.

BizViewPro® is a mobility-oriented Business Process Management solution designed to enable businesses to effectively manage and evaluate where to reduce costs, increase speed, remove complexity and improve quality and resource efficiency in providing their products and services to customers.


Full Control of Your Data

Configurable Performance Metrics

Easy Data Entry Forms

Quick View Analytics

Why BizViewPro®?

Most "Business Transformation" initiatives are managed by IT and executed from a bottoms-up or inside-out approach starting with analyzing information captured in existing systems.  Changes are then made to systems, applications and discrete processes to address pain points from a siloed viewpoint.  This practice has limited value and will always keep a business in catch-up mode with the competition.


BizViewPro® has been designed to facilitate a top down approach, with a business lens, to understand how the business, as a whole, operates to provide the products and services valued by the customer.  Also known as Business Value Streams, this construct provides a better framework for identifying operational improvements that align with the voice of the customer.

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BPM Power App

Built with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dataverse Environment

Core Business Value Stream Impacts

Enabling Capabilities

Process Peformance

Supporting Applications

Configurable Performance indicators (cost, speed, quality, efficiency & complexity)

Goals/Strategies/Objectives - Programs/Projects/Features Alignment

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